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This succeeding XIV International Conference on Electrostatic Precipitation ICESP 2016 is organized in Wrocław that is situated in the south-west part of Poland and is the capital city of the Lower Silesian Voivodeship — a province (voivodeship) created in 1999. It is the town of the old scientific tradition in Poland. A university founded in 1702 and a technical high school founded in 1910 are the oldest scientific centres in the town up to now. At present they are the University of Wrocław and Wrocław University of Science and Technology, respectively. Moreover, there are many other scientific institutions of higher education including the Wrocław Medical University, Wrocław University of Economics, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, etc. Some Nobel Prize Winners went down in the Wrocław scientific history and they are: Theodor Mommsen, Paul Ehrlich, Eduard Buchner, Phillip Lénárd, Gerhart Hauptmann, Fritz Haber, Max Born, Friedrich Bergius, Otto Stern, and Reinhard Selten who were born and worked in the University or only worked there. Some other including Erwin Schrödinger, Karl von Frish and Hans Georg Dehmelt were occasionally connected with Wrocław  and  the  University  where  they  had  lectures or  worked,  or  only  studied  here, respectively. The town was built on the Oder River which has many branches around the oldest  parts  of  the  city  which  resulted  in  building  100  bridges  and  33  footbridges  and overpasses over the river. For this reason Wrocław is named “Venice of the North” and belongs to various cities in northern Europe that contain canals, comparing them to Venice, Italy. It is also called “the town of green” (5,500 ha) since there are some forests, many (44) parks, lawns, urban greenery, allotments, and gardens. The Szczytnicki Park is one of the largest  town parks (100  ha)  in Poland with many  dendrological rarities and  an original Japanese Garden — a unique, lively fragment of Japanese culture in Europe. Wrocław is also the town of many young people and around 130,000 overseas and Polish students, and… And therefore it is an excellent venue for a scientific meeting…

Map of the campus